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​​​Approximately four years ago, I concluded that my elementary, middle school and high school band teachers (Mr. Rudolph Boone and Mr. Wheeler) had given me significant knowledge  of music theory while learning the clarinet and saxophone. This knowledge led me to being able to compose music using a piano and music notation software.  However, I could not play the music on the piano.  So, I started taking piano lessons from the Bryant Music School in Fort Washington, Md.

​I chose to focus on learning jazz standards while applying music theory and using the piano and music notation to create my version of the jazz standards  such as "Tenderly", "Misty", and "I'll Take Romance".  I have yet to notate my version of "Infant Eyes".  I have notated the christmas songs "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", "Silver Bells", and "Jingle Bell Rock". 

​To  conclude  this background discussion, I have determined that becoming a latin jazz pianist is my musical goal It is  my thought that music theory based improvising on American jazz standards while applying the rhythms of latin jazz  and learning latin jazz piano will lead me to being a latin jazz pianist.

​My favorite jazz musicians are Hiromi, Bill Evans, Mary Lu Williams, bassist Anthony Jackson, drummer Simon Phillips, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Poncho Sanchez, and Tito Puente.
Bryant's Music
​Below are seven songs that I arranged using hardware and software in my home studio.  These songs were created in the fall/winter of 2015 and reflect the lessons learned at that time.   The primary studio hardware is Yamaha CP-33 piano, Yamaha mixer, monitor speakers, PC, Yamaha interface system (between PC and piano).  The primary studiio software is Print Music for music notation, Cubase Elements for music track creation and Steinberg Grand Piano 3 for piano sounds. 

​My typical work flow is to create piano and bass parts in Print Music and then export these parts to Cubase Elements tracks for fine-tuning and adding rhythm tracks  A potential future change to increase efficiency of my workflow is to use Steinberg's Dorian as the music notation software. 

 "Mama's Way" and "Maybe The Last Tear" were created in November 2017 and February 2018, respectively. 

"Mama's Way" has two movements and features a  concert C flute and alto flute and represents my first endeavor into modal scales/chords.

"Maybe The Last Tear" has three movements featuring the upright bass as the melody, again using modal scales/chords. The third movement is my reharmonization of Andy McGhee's "My Two".  To measure my progress as a composer/arranger, compare "Tenderly" to "Maybe The Last Tear".
Hark! The Herald
Angels Sing
Jingle Bell Rock Montunos
Silver Bells
Satin Doll
I'll Take Romance
Mama's Way
(In Memory of Mom)
Maybe The Last Tear
(In Dedication to Dad)